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№ 1 – 2023, Verhnevolzhski philological bulletin

E-VERSION № 1 – 2023



Russian literature

Russian language

Theoretical, applied, comparative and contrastive linguistics

Languages of foreign countries (germanic languages)

Languages of foreign countries (romance languages)

  • Boychuk E. I. Lexical-grammatical function of repetition in the french language
  • Korzh V. I., Skuratov I. V. On suffixal formation of feminitives in modern french
  • Solntseva A. V. Linguistic features of the language for electronic communication in french and english
  • Burak M. S. Linguistic aspects of studying the spiritual and worldly principles in the «Book of Good Love» by J. Ruiz
  • Butko Yu. V. The concept permis de conduire in the texts of french songs of the late XX – early XXI century


  • Lipsky V. N. Axiological-aesthetic influence of russian culture on the european artistic tradition
    in the early XX century (on S. Diaghilev’s work)_____________________________________ 203
  • Malygina I. V., Rafiev T. O. Neo-egalitarian type of culture: universal features and peculiarities of scandinavian experience______________________________________________________ 210
  • Erohina T. I. Civic identity reconstruction in modern theater: the documentary play «The Workers’ Voices»_________________________________________________________ 218
  • Chernichkin D. A. Sociocultural trends in language policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan_______ 226
  • Petrova M. V. Russian North as a cultural concept of modern media space___________________ 236
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